PURE - Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaner - REFILL STATION

PURE - Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaner - REFILL STATION

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Setting up your own at home refill station is certainly the way to go. This 4L jug provides you with 8 refills of PURE's Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaner. This option reduces waste, but also saves you time & money (saving you $22 and 8 plastic bottles!)

How to use your at home refill station?

  1. Use it to refill your empty original spray bottle
  2. Fill an empty spray bottle that you have at home

*not quite ready to commit to 4L? That is okay! Consider getting a small mason jar refill until you are!

Please note that we do not always have these products in stock. If we do not, the fulfillment time could be anywhere from 1-3 weeks.

You also have the option to purchase a pump for your 4L jug. This is recommended if the bottle you are refilling has a small opening. This helps reduce product spillage. 


    Product Description

    Pure’s Kitchen + Bathroom may be used throughout the home. Mom uses it to clean the changing table and dad wipes the BBQ grill. Teens remove the flies on the front of their car and Grandma cleans all the limestone in her shower. This product cleans naturally thanks to peppermint. It smells like pure happiness. This very versatile cleanser dissolves grease, stubborn stains, disinfects and deodorizes without rinsing and especially without leaving a trace.


    • Effective for cleaning the countertop, sink, appliances, cabinets, microwave-oven, floors, ceramic tiles, stainless-steel, chrome, fiberglass and porcelain surfaces.
    • This product deodorizes areas and is ideal for removing odors from garbage, empty trash cans, basements, toilets and other odor-prone areas caused by microorganisms.

    How to Use:

    For hard nonporous surfaces, spray area until thoroughly wet. Let stand few minutes then wipe with damp cloth or with lint-free cloth. 


    • Aqua
    • Laureth-9 plant derived cleaning agent
    • Propylene glycol n-butylether plant derived wetting agent
    • Alkyl benzene sulfonic acid monoethanolamine salt synthetic & biodegradable cleaning agent
    • Trisodium methylglycine diacetic acid plant based chelating agent
    • Dipropylene glycol mono methyl ether plant derived wetting agent
    • Sodium lauriminodipropionate plant derived cleaning agent
    • Sodium hydroxide mineral pH adjuster
    • Fragrance/Parfum mix containing at least 50% of natural essential oils and sometimes synthetic fragrance always without harmful chemicals

    This product is available in a 10L bulk option as well,  please contact us at thesimpleconceptshop@gmail.com for information on pricing and to order.