Mason Jar Refills

If you like a product, and want a refill, we recommend purchasing one of our pre-filled mason jar refills. We run this similar to the 'old fashion milkman':

You purchase the product in a refill jar and pay a refundable deposit fee of $1.25 per jar. When you return the jar to us, you are discounted the $1.25 from your next order through a discount code. You can return the jars to us on your next delivery or order pick up (jars are accepted at the Pickering porch pick up location, or Markets by Dream Day in Bowmanville).

Please note: when returning jars, they must be in good condition (no cracks, chips etc.) and they must be rinsed, cleaned and dry. If they are returned to us dirty or damaged, we will be unable to refund you your full deposit amount back.  

Our mason jars come in three main sizes: 125ml, 473ml and 1L. All our mason jar adapter tops fit out 473ml and 1L options. If you do not want to use the mason jar refill route, you can email us at to book an appointment to come in to have your own containers refilled, or you can opt for an at home refill station

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