How It Works

Watch this video for a quick overview about who we are and what we are all about: *please note this video was recorded several months ago and some changes have been made since. Please read below for the most accurate information. A new video will be coming soon.

 1. Browse our website and select your products to place your first order. 

You can chose between refills and simple swap products to make up your order. Basically, anything on our site :) If you purchase a refill, you will be charged an additional $1.25 per jar, this acts as a deposit. Once the jar is returned, you will be refunded that $1.25 in the form of a coupon to use towards your next order. Keep in mind that your order subtotal needs to be a minimum of $50 to qualify for free delivery within the area. If you are out of area, or your order is below $50, you have the option to pick up your order from one of our pick up locations. 

2. Check Out: Shipping choice & Opting out of bags & labels

At check out, you will be making two decisions:

Shipping Option: 

You can have your ordered delivered if you are within our delivery area and your order subtotal is over $50 (Deliveries occur on Saturdays)

You can also pick up your order from one of our four pick up locations in Durham.

Opting Out of Labels & Bags

If you are a repeat customer and are looking to reduce your waste even further, we ask that you add this "product" to your cart before checking out. Simply search "opt" and it will appear. There is no charge.  

3. Delivery Day

If you are having your order delivered, on delivery day if you have opted out of labels, don't forget to leave a container or something out for us to put your order in. You can also leave out any empty jars that you have for us to pick up. 

We will pick up your empty jars, and leave your new order. 

4. Use Your Products!

Start to incorporate your products into your everyday lifestyle! If you have any questions about their use, ingredient list etc. We ask that you check out the product web page first and our blog posts for more information. If you still have questions you can email us at