How Our Refillery & Online Shop Work

Shop In Store or Online

YES! We currently have a "shop within a shop". We have a shop area within Markets (62 King St West, Bowmanville). There we have about 90% of our products on display for you to see and purchase right there. Including many of our refill options & now you can refill in store too!

You can shop directly in store, or you can order via our website using the following steps:


Browse our website and select your products to place your order

There are two main product categories on our site.

- Products in original packaging / form

- Products in a refill format (mason jar)

If you purchase a refill, you will be charged an additional $1.25 per jar, this acts as a deposit. Once the jar is returned, you will be refunded that $1.25 in the form of a coupon to use towards your next order. If a product is a refill, you will see "Jar + Deposit" when selecting that product, and it will state that $1.25 has been already added into the product price you see. 


Check Out: Pick Up

We have several locations that you can pick up your order from. This is always our preference as delivery is a lot for us to manage as a small business. We appreciate anytime you can pick up. Unfortunately, we are charged for pick ups, so we split the cost with the customer. Each pick up is $0.50 and must be a $20 minimum. 


Opting Out of Labels & Bags

If you are a repeat customer and are looking to reduce your waste even further, we ask that you add this "product" to your cart before checking out. Simply search "opt" and it will appear. There is no charge.  

Or you can type it in the notes section at check out that you do not wish to have labels and/or bag. 


Receiving Your Order

1. Pick Up - If you opted to pick up your order, you will receive an email stating when your order is ready for pick up.

If you selected one of the Markets by Dream Day locations, you can pick up at anytime that they are open. Please see this website for most recent information. The order will be under your name in which you placed the order with. 



Jar Return

If you have jars to return to us (they should be empty, clean and dry). 

Jars should be returned with both the glass jar in tack (no chips, cracks, markings, labels etc.) and the lid. We also are happy to take back any paper labels / elastic bands you have that are in good shape. 



Use Your Products

Start to incorporate your products into your everyday lifestyle! If you have any questions about their use, ingredient list etc. We ask that you check out the product web page first and our blog posts for more information. If you still have questions you can email us at