PURE Multisurface+ Cleaner
PURE Multisurface+ Cleaner
PURE Multisurface+ Cleaner
PURE Multisurface+ Cleaner

PURE Multisurface+ Cleaner

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Our refill options save our planet, and you money! Here's how:

  • An original bottle is 500ml and sells for $6.50 in stores … $0.00898/ml 


  • And of course, you save a bottle!

We love the Pure Multi-surface for so many reasons. It is made of natural ingredients and is a biodegradable formula. All ingredients are soft, toxin-free but above all, safe for the air in your home and non-irritating. This cleaner will make shine: windows, mirrors, wood, computer screens, glasses and more. We especially like the Multi-surface for its efficiency.

  • Very soft and safe for all types of materials.
  • It cleans all hard surfaces
  • Leaves no residue and repels dust with its anti-static agent
  • Not tested on animals


  • Aqua
  • Sodium laureth sulfate plant derived cleaning agent attested without contaminant
  • Alkyl polyglucosideplant derived cleaning agent
  • Sodium chloride mineral pH modifier
  • Glycereth-2 cocoate plant derived wetting agent
  • Sodium citrate plant based water softener
  • Citric acid plant based chelating agent
  • Benzisothiazolinonesynthetic & biodegradable preservative
  • Fragrance/Parfum mix containing at least 50% of natural essential oils and sometimes synthetic fragrance always without harmful chemicals


For cleaning your electronic devices, spray on a clean cloth and then wipe the surface with this cloth to avoid any excess fluid on the machine.

Refill Details

For products offered in a pre-filled mason jar, we encourage you to use the product directly from the jar, or pour the contents into a container you already have at home. If using directly from the jar, we recommend the purchase of one of our mason jar adapter tops to make the use of the product easy! Once the jar in empty, rinse it out, allow to air dry and return it with its lid to receive your $1.25 deposit back.

If you love this product we recommend contacting us for larger bulk options or you can also book an appointment to come in and have a container of your own directly refilled if you prefer to skip the mason jar. (Refill location is at our Markets by Dream Day Bowmanville Location). Email thesimpleconceptshop@gmail.com

Please note that bulk orders (4L and 10L options) will not be fulfilled in the normal delivery window time. These orders often take 1-3 weeks to fulfill as we do not always have stock readily available. 

Purchase Options:

  • Pre-Filled Refill - 1L Mason Jar - $6.50 + $1.25 jar deposit  ($0.65/100ml)
  • *Bulk Refill: 4L Jug - $25.00 ($0.625 per 100ml)
  • *Bulk Refill: 10L Bag in a Box - $50.00 ($0.50 per 100ml) *BIGGEST SAVINGS*

*For more information about bulk refills, recycling, delivery options and more, please open this document.