The Bare Home - All Purpose Cleaner - REFILL STATION

The Bare Home - All Purpose Cleaner - REFILL STATION

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Setting up your own at home refill station is certainly the way to go. This 3L box provides you with 6 refills of The Bare Home's Lemon + Tea Tree All Purpose Cleaner. This option reduces waste, but also saves you time & money ($32 to be exact)! 

How to use your at home refill station?

  1. Use it to refill your empty original glass bottle
  2. Fill an empty spray bottle that you have at home

What about the fact that there is a plastic bag in the box?

Well the plastic from that bag is significantly less waste than 6 original bottles ! And did you know we offer a recycling program? Yes, we do! When you are ready for your next refill station, we will accept your empty bag back for a small recycling fee of $2. The bag will be placed in our Terracycle box so that it can be properly recycled.  

Product Description

Eco-Sustainable natural cleaning products that are safe for you, your home and the earth.

The Bare Home's All Purpose spray cleans surfaces with ease, leaving the refreshing scent of Lemon Tea Tree.

Clean it all: Spray + Wipe all surfaces in your home, no rinse required. This streak-free cleaner is safe on stainless steel, countertops, sealed Granite + Marble, floors, glass, mirrors + more! 

Scented using Organic essentials oils. 




Aqua, Ethyl Alcohol, C9 - C11 Alcohol Ethoxylates, Decyl Glucoside, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerine, Organic Leptospermum Petersonii (Lemon Tea Tree) leaf Oils

*original bottle is not included. Price is for the 3L refill box only*