All Purpose Cleaning Tablet
All Purpose Cleaning Tablet
All Purpose Cleaning Tablet

All Purpose Cleaning Tablet

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  • One tablet for 500 ml of All-Purpose Cleaner
  • Bamboo and tangerine scent
  • Natural, vegan, biodegradable product
  • When mixed with water, it yields 500 ml of cleaning agent
  • Eliminate hundreds of plastic bottles
  • Bottle not included
  • Made in Canada in collaboration with the company Filo
  • Comes in compostable paper packaging

The all-purpose cleaning tablet helps you keep your home spotless while avoiding hundreds of plastic bottles. It will leave a sweet, fresh citrus and bamboo scent. Plus, it’s a natural, vegan, biodegradable product—that’s good for your health and the planet.

Ideal for the kitchen, bathroom and all other surfaces.

Remember, when you buy a liquid cleaner—you are mostly paying for water! Because cleaning products are 95% water.

  • Pour 500 ml of water into a bottle.
  • Put a cleaning tablet in.
  • Wait for the tablet to dissolve.
  • You can shake the mixture a little before using it.

Use a spray bottle. You can reuse a bottle you already have or get one from a dollar store that you can reuse over and over again. Choose a bottle that is as rigid as possible; this will extend its life, and you will be able to reuse it for years. You can also go with a stylish, eco-friendly glass bottle.

OLA Bamboo’s all-purpose cleaning tablet is a one tab solution for all your cleaning needs.

By using this biodegradable cleaner, you can reduce your environmental impact by eliminating the use of disposable plastic bottles. In addition to saving the environment, it is also a pocket-friendly solution. As you know most liquid cleaning products contain 95% water and now you would not pay for water which is easily available at home.

Warning: Do not swallow. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

Ingredients: Citric acid, sodium coco sulfate, sodium carbonate, magnesium stearate, natural excipient, natural homemade fragrances.