Making an Impact: Refill Station at Home

If you are reading this, it is because you have some desire to reduce waste in your home, but it may also be because you want to simplify processes in your home. 

An at home refill station does both of those things.  

Why set up an at home refill station

  • Save money purchasing in bulk
  • Convenience of always having what you need at home
  • Further reduce waste and impact
  • Higher quality products
  • Supporting small business


    Determining where you will set up your station

    If you do not already have the space, you will need to create it. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. It may allow you to clean out a space that has the potential but you have neglected for some time. Some options to consider:

    • Linen closet
    • Pantry 
    • Laundry Room shelf or cupboard
    • That shelf in your bedroom closet above the clothes 
    • Storage room

    The amount of space you need will depend on what you order and how you would like to organize it. Some people like to have all their refills grouped together in one area, while others may house their refills in different rooms depending on where it is needed (dish soap in the kitchen, laundry detergent in the laundry room etc.). 

    Think about what will work for you and your family. Things to consider:

    • Ability to reach and refill your products
    • How often you will be using it and needing to refill 
    • Out of reach of children / pets etc.
    • Height of the product (4L jug and the white pump that sits on top)


    Determine your favourite products and what you like enough to purchase in bulk.

    You are not able to return or exchange a home refill station, so you need to ensure you love the product. We recommend that everyone tries the products using our regular refillery delivery system to try out products first. Then when you find something that you love and use on a regular basis - that is when we recommend you move to a home refill station. 


    Budgeting for a Home Refill Station

    You don't need to move to refill stations for all products, but you can. It really depends on you and your budget. However, something to consider is that while it is a large initial investment, you actually save 5-25% off the retail price. Not to mention the amount of time you are going to save not having to go to the store or wait for a delivery. 

    Setting up a refill station is not as instant as placing an order with us and getting it delivered the following Monday. We put in bulk orders only once a month. This is to ensure that we are maximizing our delivery from our suppliers and not having them make an extra trip for 1 refill box etc. Every step of the way we are looking to reduce waste. Therefore, setting up a station will be a little bit of a process, from receiving the information, determining which refills you want, to placing the order and having everything delivered.


    End of Life

    So you ordered a refill station and now it is empty? Now what?

    Well that depends on what you ordered. There are several options:

    1. Arrange an appointment with us to have your item refilled. For example, PURE products in 4L containers can easily be refilled by our 20L containers. The 20L jugs are returned to PURE and refilled again by them. So that model is completely circular with no waste. 

    2. A 4L container that is unable to be refilled: a new one needs to be purchased, and the old one needs to be recycled. For example, The Unscented Company offers shampoo and conditioner in 4Ls. But we do not have anything larger than that to refill it back up. So you will recycle your 4L container and purchase a new one. The good news is that a 4L of shampoo could last a year or more. 

    3. A 10L bag in a box: The box itself is easily recycled. The bag and spout can be recycled but they cannot simply be tossed into the blue bin. You need to cut off the spout, and rinse out the bag. You can return the spout and bag to us - we have a Terracycle box ready for your bag and spout. There is a $4 recycling fee per 10L bag and spout. 

    If you are concerned about the end of life of one of your products, please speak to us about options prior to purchasing, we can give you the options that have the best end of life options.