Label Options & The QR Code

When you order many of our products, they may not come with a typical label. The reason for this is because we try to source products with little to no packaging. We believe it is important to try to reduce waste throughout all steps of this process. 

The internet is a wonderful thing, and we know that since our shop is online, if you are ordering from us, then you have access to our website. So all the typical information you would see on a label can instead be found on our website. 

All that said, there are still regulations and guidelines for particular products. Majority of the products that we offer in a refill format need to have the name of the product, the quantity and information on how to access the directions, warnings and ingredient list. 

So we have created our own labeling system. I don't pre print my labels for several reasons... Changes often need to be made and I don't want to order 200 labels, to only use 100 before a change and then the others go to waste. I am not a large enough company for it to make sense to print in massive quantities. By custom making and printing my labels, it does cost a little more, but it allows me to only print and use what I need. I can keep things as up to date as possible too! 

To make things easy for you, we have added a QR code to every label. Remember like 3-5 years ago when QR codes were the latest and greatest? Well they still are! Lol. Not really. But we found them to be excellent for us. Basically, a QR code will allow you to go directly to a particular website or link. When you order a refill product you will be given a label for your product, attached to the jar with an elastic band. This is done so that you can remove the label easily (it can be returned to us to be reused too!). Part of this lifestyle is about things being clean, simple and minimalistic. Labels are busy and advertise to us every time we look at it. I love the look of a plain glass mason jar or amber glass bottle. 😍  


No, you don't need to download an app or do anything fancy. Believe it or just need to open your camera. 

1. Open the camera on your smart phone

2. Hover over the QR code until a link appears at the bottom of the screen 

3. Click on the link

4. Read the product information directly 

If you are ordering the same product on a regular basis, and you are familiar with all the information, at check out you can opt out of labels. This means that you will not get a large label, however, we will still mark the top of your jar with a china marker so you know which jar contains what. So don't worry, we don't leave you to guess what is what! 








Now, I did talk about things being minimal and simple, but often times we do want labels for our jars so we can at least remember what is what. We know that even in the world of green living there are trends. It is very popular to have embossed labels on your jars. 

We don't want everyone going out to purchase an embossing label maker simply for a couple of labels, so we have made then available for you to custom order. For $3 you can order a label up to 15 characters long, max of two words. (If you need something beyond that you can contact us for a custom quote). This way you can buy your 3-5 labels and not need a full label maker that will end up sitting in your drawer in a month.

Finally, we offer custom labels for bulk orders. We know that special events will still happen, and appreciation gifts given. We want to help people give gifts that are practically, functional and low waste. 

I should also mention how we make this process as eco friendly as we can...If you need thank you gifts, favours for an event or really anything in bulk, please contact us for a custom quote. We will work you to design something that works within your budget range. AND because I print all my own labels, I can custom print your labels with your message, contact information, logo and more. 

The labels are placed on Manila tags and can be recycled. But we would love for you to return them so they can be reused. Even if information changes, I can always put a new label over top, still reusing the manila label and elastic. 

When we place the label onto the manila piece, their a laminated paper backing that would normally be garbage. However, we have spent the money to purchase a Terracycle box that recycles laminated paper such as this. So all of our label backings go into this box and are returned to Terracycle to be recycled. 

Most label makers require ink of some kind, however, the new Dymo label makers use a heat pad instead to print. It is fantastic as you never need ink and there is nothing to replace or throw away. Once again, a little priced, but something we were willing to invest in. 

We hope that you will begin your journey with us, if you haven't already! Start small, start anywhere xo