Nature Inspired Machine Cleaning Tabs
Nature Inspired Machine Cleaning Tabs

Nature Inspired Machine Cleaning Tabs

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Washing & Dishwasher Machine Cleaner by Nature Inspired

$16 for 16 tabs delivered via mason jar.

Powerhouse tabs that clean the gunk from your washing machine and dishwasher in a flash NATURALLY! Did you know that your dishwasher & washing machine should be cleaned once a month to eliminate bacteria and keep your machines running much better?

Ingredients: Aluminum Free Baking Soda, Non-GMO citric acid, hydrogen peroxide, 100% Pure Lemon and Lime essential oils.

This product is handmade by Nature Inspired - a small business out of Oshawa, Ontario

Instructions For Dishwasher:

Clean out any food particles in dishwasher. Place 2 tablets on top shelf ( I prefer 1 on each side) On bottom shelf, fill bowl with 1 cup white vinegar. Close door and run through cycle * Make sure to cancel heat dry option* When finished leave door closed for 20 minutes to allow steam to continue to clean Open & wipe dry!

Instructions For Washing Machine: 

Place 2 tablets in washing machine drum. Add ¼ cup white vinegar to detergent compartment. Set on clean cycle & let the tablets work their magic! *if your machine does not have a clean cycle, run through regular cycle with hot water*When cycle complete wipe door and seal until dry!