The Market Bag "Merci"
The Market Bag "Merci"

The Market Bag "Merci"

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The Market Bag  "Merci" 

Dimensions: 16’’ L x 18’’ H x 4’’

Material: 100% natural cotton*


Use this bag at the market, the beach or on any other occasion! Since it is neutral, it allows you to use it for anything, anywhere. 

Its strong enough to run all kinds of errands, the eco-friendly way. This reusable bag will last years and reduces the amount of plastic in the environment with each use.


Why does Dans Le Sac have "Merci" written on the bags?

Because Dans le sac gives a dollar per bag sold to La Maison de Jonathan, a foundation that will use this money to finance their beehives.

This foundation’s mission is to stand by and accompany children and young adults, who have dropped out of school, through hardships.

It is a place of teaching, but also a place where the culture is to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, one who introduces greener values and sustainable projects to their students.

The hives are an add on to the foundation and the whole eco-friendly efforts. With this bee project, they wish to share and make them discover a career that is sometimes unknown, but mostly to inform and show them the reality of our bees.

“If the bees disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.” - Albert Einstein

The money from this campaign will help pay for the hives for these urban bees; it will bring awareness about the environment, the importance of bees on our planet as well as the beekeeper profession!


Information about the Ingredients/Materials:

Natural Cotton*:  Dans Le Sac's natural cotton is imported from the United States and it is unbleached meaning it has not been processed with harsh chemicals. This choice was made to reduce the ecological footprint when it comes to transport of the raw material and also because the United States has strict regulations when it comes to agriculture and polluting water sources.


I have heard cotton is bad, is that true?

No.... and Yes. It depends on how the cotton is grown and harvested. As with any company, the practices they employ, matter. Cotton requires a lot of water to be grown, and is a crop that farms will often be sprayed with a lot of pesticides by farmers in order to protect their crop. The cotton industry is also known for slave labour and unfair working conditions. This is why it matters where the cotton comes from, and who produces it. Often, you will get what you pay for. Remember that often when somethings costs more, it could simply be because of a hyped up brand, or it could be because the company is ethical and using sustainable practices, which obviously, costs more. Paying for quality also means that the product will last longer. The most sustainable practice you can have is to make things last, the longer you can use a product, the better it is.


Care & Wash of the Bag

- Wash the bag before it's first use and lay flat to air dry

- Wash the bag only when needed to conserve water and the product itself

- Sew and repair your bag in the event of a breakage to extend its life


End of Life

- When it becomes to old to use, keep the fabric to be able to use it to patch and fix your new bag or another garment made of cotton

- Since the bag is 100% cotton it can easily be recycled through proper textile recycling programs (Fact: 100% fabrics are more likely, and much easier, to be recycled than mixed fabrics and synthetics)


About the Company

Dans Le Sac is a fantastic company and we are proud to carry several of their products.

They are a Canadian company based out of Quebec and that is where all their products are made. They believe in giving back through their amazing work through charitable work and education. Their commitment to the planet and their values is admirable. 


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