Sourdough Starter Kit

Sourdough Starter Kit

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New product! Included in the kit are all the tools you need to make a great loaf of sourdough bread:

- A Banneton 8.5in. proofing basket
- Hand sewn 100% linen 12 inch (large) Bento bag (beige in colour)
- Hand sewn 100% linen bowl cover (beige in colour)
- one dehydrated sourdough starter from @kensingtonsourdough

We are offering these kits at a low price of $65.00. These kits elsewhere can sell for $75+, however, we want to try to keep prices low for you wherever possible. 

The dehydrated sourdough starter is over 150 years old, is super active and will help you make a fantastic loaf of bread. It comes with instructions for activating it and maintaining it. You can definitely make your own starter but this makes things SO much easier.

The proofing basket helps your dough take an upward shape, rather than just expanding outward. It also creates a beautiful coiled pattern on the bread. The linen bowl cover is a great reusable option for using during proofing instead of plastic.

The linen Bento bag can be used for many things but can carry your loaf of bread when bringing to family or friends. Linen will actually allow your bread to breathe and will keep it fresh for longer. The exterior will stay crisp with a soft interior. These bags also make great lunch bags.

In addition, we are trying to support local vendors and small businesses more and more. @nest_speciality_desserts actually makes amazing sourdough! So if you want to start your kit with a great example, you can actually add on a fresh baked loaf to your order for $9.00. We will email you directly to ask you about adding on your loaf! and if you wish to do so, we will send you an invoice. 

In addition, you can order her freshly baked loaves on the markets by dream day website (she also offers scones, cookies and more!) 

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