DIY Sanitizing Wipes Kit

DIY Sanitizing Wipes Kit

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In this kit you have received:

  • 1 L jar of Sanitizer for Surfaces & Objects (for ingredients please visit our website) or if you want this product shipped, then it will be a 1L container of the product in its original bottle packaging 
  • 1 L Empty mason jar to hold your wipes
  • A ReCap Wide Flip Cap lid
  • 10 Assorted 8x8 Cotton Wipes (pattern/colours may vary)


100% Cotton Flannel - Flannel naturally becomes softer and more absorbent with continued washes. They can also be used as diaper wipes, bath time cloths, runny noses, camping, napkins, lunch boxes and removing make up. To start, we recommend washing and drying your wipes 2-3 times to fluff up the fibres. *Do not use fabric softener/dryer sheets with your cloth wipes as they can decrease absorbency.


  1. Lay all your wipes out flat in one pile
  2. Start with one wipe and roll it up completely (like a paper towel roll)
  3. Then roll the next wipe around that one
  4. And repeat until 10 wipes have been rolled 


  1. Mix 35 ml of Sanitizer with 1 cup of water
  2. Stir & mix well


  1. Take your empty 1L mason jar
  2. Add in your 10 rolled cloth wipes
  3. Pull the middle wipe up just a bit
  4. Pour your wipe solution slowly over all the wipes, you may not need the whole amount, so take your time until you find a dampness that you like
  5. Allow your wipes to sit for 1-2 hours to really absorb the solution evenly 


More details and information can be found on our blog post



Your sanitizer can be made to make a solution for your cloth wipes AND

  • You can mix 125ml with 1L of water and use it as a spray or wipe down surfaces or objects
  • You can mix up enough sanitizing solution to make a “bath” to place in kids toys and other objects that are difficult to sanitize 
  • You can use it at full concentration and add 30ml to your laundry to sanitize clothing


Please remember that in order to properly sanitize, your surface should always first be washed with soap and water to remove any grim or dirt so then sanitizer can work effectively. 

We recommend you leaving on the sanitizing solution for at least one minute before wiping away.

It is always best to mix it as you need it, however, in this case the solution and wipes should be used within a week for maximum effectiveness.