Eco Spring Cleaning Kit

Eco Spring Cleaning Kit

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This great kit includes:


Kitchen and Bath Cleaner from PURE - tackle all those messy jobs, this cleaner has extra degreasing power !

Lemon Printed Sponge Cloth from Ten & CO. - these are compostable, machine washable and super fast drying - no more stink!

Solid Dishwashing Block from The Bare Home - this is a new product to our shop, and has a scent of Grapefruit and Orange. Lasts for an average for 4-6 months and replaces 3-4 plastic bottles of dish soap!

Pot Scrubbing Brush - this brush is excellent for use with your dishwashing block. It's hard bristles are great for touch jobs, but soft enough not to damage or scratch dishes. Its round shape is excellent for scrubbing pots

Loofa (for bath or kitchen cleaning, 1 piece) - one of my favourite tools! This can be used in the bath (yes, on your skin!) or you can opt to use it for cleaning. I love these for cleaning sinks and tubs. Throw it in the dishwasher to refresh. Lasts 3-6 months. Compost when done. 

Hand Sanitizer from Oneka (Slight lemon scent) - honestly, this hand sanitizer is the best!! It is a liquid spray so it lasts forever, there is just a slight scent of lemon that isn’t overpowering, and it is so gentle you can use it again and again. Great for sensitive skin.