Custom Gift Set - Limited - Kitchen Starters

Custom Gift Set - Limited - Kitchen Starters

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This kit is perfect for anyone wanting to get started on a more sustainable lifestyle in their kitchen. This kit is filled with some great ideas at a huge discount. There are only three of these limited kits available

This kits is valued at $68.00 but is on sale for $39! That is a discount of over 40% off! 

This kit includes:

- 1 stainless steel circular storage container by UKonserve with silicone lid

- 1 red and white chevron printed kitchen towel

- 2 cooper cleaning tools 

- 1 solid Olive Oil Soap block (great for dishes, laundry and more)

- 1 Pot scrubbing brush

- 1 Bamboo straw

- 1 Stainless steel straw

- 1 Straw cleaner